Vistor Source

Vistor Source

The Ninth international oil IEOE expo professional audience sources:

    A. Cooking oil industry dealers, agents:

    1. Cooking oil distribution company of gift of dealers, agents, and gifts for the center.

    2. Large comprehensive wholesale markets, grain and oil food gift trade market.

    3. Prepare agency high-end cooking oil products units or individuals

    B. Purchasing trader:

    1. The national center for health products supply, including authority bureau of retired veteran cadres (point), forces to give up in Beijing, Beijing, head of the army logistics department procurement, etc.;

    2. The China import and export trade business, the domestic dealers and purchasers, etc.;

    3. The procurement staff in department stores, supermarkets and stores and quality inspection personnel, etc.;

    4. The food, fast moving consumer goods, health care, food, gifts, beauty, infants and young children, pregnant women, older, etc.;

    5. Catering hotel procurement staff, chef, etc;

    6. The organizing committee of 35000 previous accumulation directional invite professional audience.

    C. The media, groups

    1. The industry mainstream media (TV, newspaper, magazine), industry portal

    2. Foreign embassy in China, industry association, society organization, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industry experts, industry leaders, etc


  • Time:2019 December 4 - December 6
  • location:Chinese Intemational Exhibition Center
  • 2019 the 10th IEOE China International day
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